Jitegemee & A Place to Go

image007Jitegemee is a non-profit organization based in Kenya and Boston, MA that provides tutoring, tuition, health education, vocational training, job placement, and meal programs to disadvantaged children in Machakos, Kenya. In 2009, our team from traveled to Machakos Kenya to host a design workshop with Jitegemee students, parents, and community members in an effort to help them design their new campus. The workshop included collaborative charrettes, strategic visioning sessions, and field trips to see similar programs and learn about sustainable building practices. Since then, the OAC team has developed a lasting partnership with Jitegemee and helped them realize the first phase of construction on the campus. In 2015, Jitegemee opened their new library, computer training center, staff offices, and kitchen.

“A Place to Go” plans to construct a biogas toilet unit for the Jitegemee School campus. This system will reduce waste, eliminate the need for costly and dirty charcoal and provide a sustainable source of fuel for the school’s growing meal program. Toilet waste is collected in a sealed underground chamber where it is introduced to microbes that break down harmful pathogens and produce methane gas, a clean source of fuel which will be used to power cooking appliances in school’s new kitchen. Any remaining solid waste can be used as compost in the adjacent garden.

Project Contact: Mark Palmer

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