How to Read a Paytable When Playing Slots


To play slots, you must know the rules of the game. Slot machines feature a paytable which details the payout for symbols, special symbols and bonus rounds. It also shows the active paylines. By reading the paytable, you can understand the basic mechanics of the game and how to maximize your chances of winning. There are a few tips to follow when playing slots.

Machines that generate random numbers

Slot machines have the ability to generate random numbers in response to the player’s requests. The numbers the machine generates at a particular moment will determine the positions of the reels and the payout. The random number generator works by generating billions of numbers every second. As such, no player can accurately predict the results of a slot machine.

For example, a machine with three reels and ten symbols can have as many as 1,000 possible combinations. When you multiply this number by the number of symbols on each reel, you get the total number of combinations possible. This is known as a cycle and can confuse players into thinking that the machine has cycles of winning combinations.

In-game bonus rounds

Bonus rounds are a great way to increase the excitement of slot games. They give players the opportunity to win big cash prizes. These rounds are often triggered by a variety of means, including free spins, bonus wheels, and changing game screens. The winnings from these bonus rounds will then be credited to your real cash balance. You can even win multiple times the original bet. However, you should not expect to win all of your money during these bonus rounds.


A paytable is a very useful tool for slot players. It tells you what symbols will pay out and how many paylines the slot machine has. It also reveals the requirements for a bonus game. Besides this, the paytable can help you determine the house edge of a game, which is an important consideration when placing bets. Paytables are also helpful for learning about different types of slots that are offered at different casinos.

Bonus rounds are another great feature of slot games. Often, these games will give players free spins if they can match the symbols. Bonus rounds can also be retriggered for even greater chances of winning. Bonus rounds are often triggered by additional symbols on the reels.