Sportsbook Betting Advice


If you’re looking for some betting advice, you might want to check out a sportsbook. These betting sites offer a variety of free picks and predictions for nearly every game you can imagine. They even offer parlays. In this article, we’ll discuss Moneyline and Over/Under bets, as well as Parlay options.

Moneyline bets

Moneyline bets are a good place to start when you’re betting on sports. They come with a low house edge, so they’re usually worth placing if you have confidence in your pick. However, it’s important to read the rules carefully before placing your bet. In this article, you’ll learn the rules for moneyline bets and get some advice on placing these types of wagers.

Prop bets

If you’re a fan of a certain sport, you may be interested in placing a few prop bets at a sportsbook. These bets are based on certain team or individual statistics. For example, in NFL games, you can bet on the total number of team touchdowns, while in NBA games, you can bet on how many rebounds a team will score. Prop bets on individual players have also become increasingly popular in recent years because of the rise of data analytics in professional sports. These bets usually focus on the critical positions in a sport, while in baseball, they focus on the power hitter.

Over/Under bets

Sportsbooks have a number of ways to bet on games. One of the best ways is to place Over/Under bets. The Over/Under numbers are generally listed at the top of the betting section for each game. They’re great for those who are in the mood to bet early on a game, but aren’t sure if it will go over or under.

Parlay options

If you enjoy playing fantasy sports, you may enjoy the convenience of Sportsbook parlay options. They allow you to place bets with a variety of combinations and have the opportunity to win big. Most sportsbooks offer different parlay options, but not all of them display prices for individual props. For instance, DraftKings and FanDuel do not display the prices for individual props. Selecting a single prop then recalculates the odds for the entire parlay.

BUSR sportsbook

BUSR sportsbook offers more than 50 different categories of wagers. You can place bets on your favorite teams, live games, and All-American favorites. There’s also a live chat feature that allows you to talk to a live representative.


MyBookie is a sportsbook that offers several bonuses to its customers. New members can claim a 100% match bonus up to $1,000 upon their first deposit. However, it’s important to note that some deposit methods may not qualify for bonuses. Also, there are rollover requirements that must be met before a bonus can be withdrawn.